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XP2 Shuttlecock

Official Shuttlecock of RM Racquettes

RM Racquettes Shuttlecock

XP2 Silver Shuttlecock

The XP2 Silver Shuttlecock is a revolution in badminton technology. It has been designed to provide better control and accuracy with each shot taken. This shuttlecock is made of superior-quality materials, providing durability and stability while playing. The XP2 Silver Shuttlecock ensures that the players can play with greater confidence as it helps them deliver their shots accurately, allowing more power to be put behind each one for an even bigger impact.

Not only does this shuttlecock offer improved performance, but also its aerodynamic design allows for increased speed and accuracy when hitting the shuttlecock over long distances or during a high-intensity game. Its unique construction provides optimum flight stability so that every time you hit it, you get an accurate result regardless of the wind direction or other external factors which could disrupt your game.

XP2 Silver Shuttlecock Specs

  • Feather: Goose Feather
  • Head Material: Two layers natural cork
  • Speed: 77 or 76
  • Durability: A
  • Flight Stability: A
  • Appearance: A
  • Good for Queueing / Club Play / Tournament


Fake vs Original XP2 Shuttlecock

If you are an avid badminton player, you know the importance of using quality shuttlecocks. The XP2 Silver Shuttlecock is one of the most popular and sought-after shuttlecock brands in the market. However, with the ever-increasing popularity of this product, there have been many counterfeits sold in the market. To make sure that your purchase is original and not a fake one, here are some tips on how to differentiate original XP2 Silver Shuttlecock from fake ones.

First, look for the silver seal on an authentic shuttlecock. An original XP2 Silver Shuttlecock will have a silver seal affixed to its base that is not transparent, while counterfeits usually have either no seal or one that is transparent and often made of plastic. It’s also important to check out the logo or any other labels printed on it; the XP2 logo should be engraved in the center of the cover.

Fake XP2 Shuttlecock Philippines
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